Naranjan Nota

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom


Citizenship, Immigration, Asian Heritage, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Naranjan moved to Toronto, Canada from Leeds, United Kingdom. She studied Design and progressed her career whilst furthering formal education in business. In doing so she was able to utilize her gifts and develop skills in graphics, communications, marketing, and event management. The key thread throughout her career that continues to grow is enhancing customer experiences, with a strong focus on relationships. She recognizes the value and strength in supporting and developing communities through partnership and collaboration are key. She also has honing her gift in supporting businesses and not for profits with fresh and innovative ideas to do and be more within the community.

She has also developed a niche to support people on their own life’s journey. Her calm, subjective and supporting nature lends true to those in transition. She motivates and inspires youth, new immigrants, women, and men seeking to find their way on as a spiritual journey. Her out of the box thinking offers entrepreneurs and business owners looking to prosper to the next level. Naranjan offers a wide range of coaching services from one-on-one sessions, seminars, and workshops.


Born and raised in the UK and now living in Toronto, Canada has shown me many challenges from cultural diversity to really recognizing who I am, and am I the best version of myself. Throughout many experiences and life challenges I have come to learn that we are all given an opportunity to be who we are. That can be based on the belief systems and values that shaped us to be who we are or we can take action, and be who we want to be. As a reflection I recognize that I was given an opportunity to be the best version of myself, without any limiting beliefs, cultural limitations and unrealistic expectations from others. With my entire family in the UK and USA, alone here in Canada has offered me an opportunity to be limitless and move beyond boundaries that would have somewhat limited my life’s journey if I was surrounded by family.

I’d like to share my story of expectations others had of me and of the ones I had of myself, and how sometimes being alone in a country has many added benefits and opportunities to dream big and, just go for it.