Hilda Kariuki

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Citizenship, Immigration, Black History/African Heritage, Racism/Discrimination, Human Rights & Social Justice, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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I am Business professional with a career allowed me to gain experience in Retail, Insurance, Energy and Business holding various roles that ranged from being a Property Manager/Owner, Claims Adjuster, Business Analyst, Retail Manager, Claims Manager supporting teams within Information Technology, Claims, Underwriting, Risk Services, Sales and Marketing. I have a Master’s in Business Administration.


I am a Kenyan citizen by birth, immigrating to the United States nearly 20 years ago after high school to further my education and support my family of younger siblings after both my parents passed away shortly after I moved.

Life in the United States was both complicated and challenging as a young adult navigating through life. I had a lot of dreams which included going to school and having a career. The desire to becoming a Permanent Resident or Citizen was the only thing that seemed unsurmountable.

My desires to have roots in a country were deeply vested in the dream to be part of a country that embraced my heritage, education and work experience which is where my dreams of moving to Canada were born. After facing challenges to achieve the same in the United States, I found the courage to apply to immigrate as a Federal Skilled worker.

The process felt a bit daunting for me, hence my decision to retain legal Counsel to help simplify the process even though not necessary. The process was so easy within 6 months of application I had my visa in hand.

I was elated and scared at the same time, the idea of being free to move about any part of the world without a worry of being able to return to the country was gone but it also meant I would be moving away from friends that I had known for years and the prospects of starting a new life in a place was intimidating. Through friends of friends I was able to connect and make new friends in Canada who were supportive and encouraging of me in my transition and subsequent move to Canada November 2012.

Life in Canada has allowed me to experience and celebrate other cultures from all over the world through travel including Australia, China, Fiji, Bahamas, Jamaica, French Caledonia; I spent some time in Ottawa, Toronto, Newfoundland, Calgary and Vancouver.