Elder Larry Grant

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In this audio segment, Elder Grant talks about where he lived in Strathcona; the neighbourhood’s diversity; how he navigated the area, and racial tensions.


Elder Larry Grant is of both Musqueam and Chinese descent. While growing up, he lived in multiple locations in Chinatown, including right on the boundary of Strathcona at Gore Street. He has fond memories of his years attending Lord Strathcona Elementary School and spent much of his time engaged in the programming offered by the community, including softball, soccer and the school’s dance club. Larry’s parents were forced by the Indian Act to live apart and, as a result, he grew up splitting his time between Chinatown and Musqueam. While he felt more identified with his Musqueam roots as child, and had to navigate his way around the Chinatown and Strathcona areas as a teenager to avoid racist violence, Elder Grant is grateful for Strathcona’s diversity and believes that it significantly influenced his values and worldview.