Rita Singh

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Citizenship, Immigration, Asian Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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I am now retired, but I was a Administrative Assistant and Material Resource Representative in Inventory. I graduated from college and a technical institute as a stenographer and administrative assistant. I am also a yoga instructor. I enjoy volunteering with seniors and children as well as fundraising for humanitarian causes. I'm interested in meeting people from all social and religious groups to bring peace, togetherness, help in the community.


My name is Rita Mira Malti Singh. I was born in Fiji island to a very religious family who had migrated from India.

My husband and children, Anand and Janita Singh, came to Canada with me. I decided to give up the lifestyle of the Fiji islands, and to move to some place in Canada to start a life of my own, of peace and freedom.

A change is as good as new. On the island, my life was sheltered, provided, and protected. As and Indian-Asian woman, very little resources and chances were to grow. After suppressing the years of feelings and emotions, I was sure that in Canada things would get better.

Within myself I had a vision of adventure, exploration, freedom, love, and care to the unfortunate ones. I was confident that this land of opportunity would set me off on my path.

I had very little struggle finding jobs and settling down in Canada. I found Canada a more accommodating country, where one can explore and develop at one's own pace. With strong determination, my husband and I made Canada my permanent home.

We became citizens of Canada. We blend in very smoothly to the diverse, multicultural society. I'm well established, and starting to explore deeper- ritually, materially, and politically.

But I keep reminding myself not to separate my culture and traditions in the midst of my new life. I'm a founding member of South Arm Community Centre in Richmond, Vancouver. I joined a great mission to work with homeless in Vancouver downtown, and also supporting Save the Children Canadian charitable group. These are the few contributions that I would like to give back to my home Canada.

The initial stages are difficult. The struggle gave me the power of patience, tolerance, and self-confidence. These inner attributes bring wonderful results in this land of richness. The freedom and the growth that lead to success and respect in Canadian life is true and real.

Canada has given me the enormous privilege of being able to find myself, and the opportunities to share my experience and involvement with others.

Now I am retired and able to volunteer my hours to bring peace, happiness, strength, togetherness to our multicultural society.

Experience the joy of giving!