Bibi Zaman

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Bibi created the Canadian Centre for Women's Education and Development after realizing she needed Canadian experience to get a job in Canada. She volunteered with different organizations, and is now feels she is able to give back to the immigrant community through her work.


My name is Bibi Zaman, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Women’s Education and Development. I’ve been in this position for the last twenty-one years. I am the founder of the Canadian Centre for Women’s Education and Development, and I have volunteered my time for this centre for eleven years. I do believe that giving back to the community was a great asset.

After looking for jobs over the years when I arrived in Canada, many places I went asked for Canadian experience. I realized that I do not have Canadian experience, and the only way to achieve that was to go out and volunteer with different community groups. After volunteering with different community groups, I started this organization, which is still functioning.

My experience speaking to different groups and schools has encouraged new immigrants to see us as role models. New immigrants, after listening to our stories, felt that Canada was the right choice. Some students were very inspired to become involved in their community, reaching and giving back something to their community, which would help them to interact, meet new people, gain new experiences, which would help them to create a positive feeling of being a landed immigrant to Canada.