Olga Safroshkina

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Olga looks back on her struggles with trying to find a job in Canada as a recent immigrant. She talks about going back to school, and how education was able to change her career path.


My name is Olga Safroshkina, and I was born in Odessa - a very beautiful Ukrainian city on the Black Sea.

I came to Canada in 1998. I guess adjustment was the most difficult part of moving to Canada, because it was very difficult finding work in Canada when I moved here. I have a university degree - a bachelor of art degree - and after graduating from university and after working for seven years as a television journalist, I couldn't find any jobs in Canada.

When I came in 1998, the first job that I was able to find - I became a late-night pizza cook. It wasn't something I wanted to do for a long period of time, but I worked as a late-night pizza cook for about two months.

I decided that I wanted to go a lot further in my education, and I enrolled in Creative Communications programme at college, and that's when things started to change for the better.

In the summer of 2001, I was offered a job. It was a summer job, but it was my first job that I really enjoyed. I worked as a reporter for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. It was a fantastic job, and it happened during my summer break. First, I learned about Canadian culture - about Aboriginal culture - and it gave me practical experience, and from that time I guess things started to change for the better.