Larisa Segida

Country of Origin:

Russian Federation


Racism/Discrimination, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Larisa speaks on her reasons for coming to Canada, and what the country means to her.


Larisa is a musician, composer, singer, percussionist, translator, interpreter, writer, and English as an additional language researcher.

My music is my story: "I-Migrations: Psychedelic Story", released in January 2012; the CD is part of Library and Archives Canada.


Larisa Segida, a singer and composer, recorded and released 5 albums: 

"I-Migrations: Psychedelic Story" is her latest album, recorded in Winnipeg, Canada, 2011. The album is part of Library and Archives Canada's audio collection.

Swedish and Hungarian by descent, Larisa was born in Russia and made Canada her second motherland. For her impressive 3 1/2 octave vocals, she was called "James Brown in a skirt" by the mass media. She believes in love, life, light, learning, languages, and an eternally moving L, which is 'wave' from Greek.