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Refugee Experiences

Marie-Denise Douyon

Marie-Denise, an artist and refugee from Haiti, talks of rebuilding her life through her art after trauma suffered from being wrongly imprisoned in Haiti.

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  • Claudia Covalciuc

    Claudia’s remarkable story encompasses multiple displacements, bullying, rejection and, finally, acceptance. Claudia finds support in an Aboriginal community and realizes her dream of returning to school.

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  • Léonie Tchatat

    Léonie talks about the challenges she faced as a refugee from Cameroon. Meeting other young Francophones in similar situations inspired her to start an organization to support them.

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  • Miguel-Iván Barradas

    Miguel-Iván talks of how refugees often feel powerless and confused in the face of their temporary status, something he experienced first-hand as a refugee from Mexico.

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