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We Are All Connected

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In order to better understand culture, you need to examine the characteristics and their ramifications. Canada is a vast melting pot, amazingly everyone’s cultures are aware and strong.

Culture is learnt, can change over time, and is followed through generations. It’s important to take the time to study and learn about different cultures. As we all are connected in one way with respect.

Rachel DeHart, owner of Rising Moon located in Winnipeg, MB. Follows the traditions of Paganism. Pagan’s often are considered polytheists, meaning they worship more than one God or Goddess.

Pagan’s are connected to nature and revolve their lives around the changing of the seasons, the elements and the moon cycles. They use old world folk magic, herbalism, divination and ritual work as forms of worship. Pagan’s lean on natural or holistic forms of healing. They believe that they are empowered individuals and able to manifest what they need in their lives.

Many types of popular items used in this culture are their own ritual tools and power objects, just as in other cultures. Stemmed from history throughout ages, stones and natural things grown in land such as sage, sweet grass, cedar, lavender, mullein, yarrow, juniper, and many natural oils and candles.

Paganism is very rich in history, a culture found all over the world and practiced for centuries. The choice to learn more about this culture is it’s becoming more modern. The practises of paganism is seen and found everywhere.

It’s important to learn about your culture and learn about all other cultures. Being interested in learning more about all cultures including your own, this helps people in general better understand a culture rather than deciding what you think you know.

As every culture and person deserves respect. As we are all the same, just practice different cultures.